Kevin’s Blog Entry #3 – Just The Red Ones Please

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morningmissionMy day starts the same every morning. I walk into my barn about 6:15 and am greeted by an assortment of noises from my boys. Some will paw, some will squeal, but none are as vocal as the big gray horse in the last stall on the right.  The striking son of Unbridled’s Song amassed over $1.2 million in earnings during his illustrious racing career. The big bold horse that, with only fifty two-year-olds in his first crop stood alone at the top of the freshman sire list in New York with earners of over $675,000 US dollars. The studly gray horse that has more personality than a room full of Rodney Dangerfield impersonators. The one, the only, Mission Impazible.


Mission is all stallion. He is big, he is bold, and he is proud. He has that classic stallion walk with his neck bowed, nostrils flared, and a certain amount of swagger to his step. Mission is the one Prince Charming would come riding up on to save the day. He is by far the most vocal member of my roster. He “talks” to me every time I walk past his stall and makes sure everyone knows when it is his turn to go outside. Walk up to his stall when it is his turn for some romance in shed and you will certainly be bombarded with his squeals and excitement. Mission is about as cool as they come.

missiontallWhen I say Mission is all stallion, I mean that. If you don’t believe me just walk out to his field and bring him in for me. The good news is that once you get your shank hooked up to him, he has manners and is very willing to please. The bad news is that you have to get your shank hooked on him. Respect is the name of the game with all stallions, and my big gray horse is no different.
You can’t be an Anastasia; you have to be a Christian. If he doesn’t respect you, he will show you 50 shades of attitude real quick.50shadesOnce you get to the point where you have that bond with him, that mutual trust, you will see he is one of the coolest horses on the block.

Every great hero has his weakness. Superman’s is kryptonite, The Green Lantern’s is the color yellow, Wonder Woman’s is her own lasso, and Mission, his weakness is a red lifesaver. He will eat the other colors, but red is his obvious favorite. If you give him a mint kevin&missionflavored lifesaver he will drop it from his mouth and look at you like you just insulted his mother. He is so full of personality you just can’t help but love him.  He lives in New York with me about 6 months out of the year, his summers are spent down south in Kentucky running across the rolling hills of green grass and enjoying cooling dips in his swimming pool. He is not spoiled, he is loved. He is after all the one, the only, Mission Impazible.


Kevin Stevens, Stallion Manager @ Sequel New York