Through March 9, 2019, FREUD has sired 66 stakes winners that have won 165 events identified as "stakes" – including graded races on dirt, turf, synthetic. These 165 stakes victories have occurred at 31 tracks in four countries and one commonwealth in two hemispheres, ranging from five furlongs to 1½ miles. By surface, 80 have been on dirt, 79 on turf, 6 on synthetic. By age, 23 have been won by 2-year-olds, 52 by 3-year-olds, 31 by 4-year-olds, 39 by 5-year-olds, 8 by 6-year-olds, 8 by 7-year-olds, 3 by an 8-year-old, one by a 9-year-old. On NYRA's 9 racing strips, 18 of these wins have been on Belmont dirt, 15 on Belmont outer turf, 15 on Belmont inner turf, 10 on Saratoga inner turf, 10 on Aqueduct outer dirt, 6 on Aqueduct's (late) inner dirt, 4 on Saratoga dirt, 4 on Saratoga outer turf, 2 on Aqueduct turf. Freud is the only sire of stakes winners on all 9 NYRA courses. Listed below are Freud's 66 stakes winners and the distances, tracks, surfaces, and seasons at, on, and during which their 165 stakes wins occurred.


SHARP AZTECA, colt, 2013

  • Grade 1, mile, Aqueduct dirt, 2017

  • Grade 2, mile, Belmont Park dirt, 2017

  • Grade 2, mile, Gulfstream Park dirt, 2017

  • Grade 3, 1 1/16 miles, Monmouth Park dirt, 2017 (new track record)

  • Grade 3, mile, Churchill Downs dirt, 2016

  • 7 furlongs, Laurel Park dirt, 2016


SUMMER LOVE (ARG), filly, 2015

  • Group 1, 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), dirt, Palermo (Argentina), 2018

  • Group 1, 2,000 meters (abt. 1¼ miles), dirt, Palermo (Argentina), 2018


FOURSTAR CROOK, filly/mare, 2012

  • Grade 1, 1 1/4 miles, Belmont Park inner turf (good), 2018

  • Grade 2, 1 1/4 miles, Belmont Park inner turf, 2018

  • Grade 2, 1 1/8 miles, Tampa Bay Downs turf, 2018

  • Grade 3, 1 1/16 miles, Parx Racing turf, 2017

  • Mile, Belmont Park outer turf (yielding), 2017

  • 1 1/16 miles, Saratoga outer turf (yielding), 2016

  • 1 1/8 miles, Belmont Park inner turf, 2016


FRANNY FREUD, filly, 2007

  • Grade 1, 6 furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2010

  • Grade 2, 7 furlongs + 184 feet, Keeneland synthetic (Polytrack), 2010

  • 7 furlongs, Belmont Park outer turf, 2010

  • 6½ furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2010

  • 6 furlongs, Woodbine synthetic (Polytrack), 2009

  • 6 furlongs, Aqueduct outer dirt (muddy), 2009

  • 6 furlongs, Finger Lakes dirt, 2009


GIANT RYAN, horse, 2006

  • Grade 1, 6 furlongs, Belmont Park dirt (muddy), 2011

  • Grade 2, 6 furlongs, Calder Race Course dirt (good), 2011

  • 6 furlongs, Calder Race Course dirt, 2011

  • 6 furlongs, Aqueduct outer dirt, 2011


MUST GO ON (ARG), colt, 2011

  • Group 1, 2,400 meters (abt. 1½ miles), turf, San Isidro (Argentina), 2016

  • Group 2, 2,400 meters (abt. 1½ miles), turf, Palermo (Argentina), 2015

  • Group 2, 2,400 meters (abt. 1½ miles), turf, San Isidro (Argentina), 2014


ALEX ROSSI (ARG), colt, 2011

  • Group 1, 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), dirt, Monterrico (Peru), 2014

  • 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), dirt, Monterrico (Peru), 2014

  • 2,000 meters (abt. 1¼ miles), dirt, Monterrico (Peru), 2015


FUTURE PROSPECT, gelding, 2004

  • Grade 2, 1 1/16 miles, Turfway Park synthetic (Polytrack), 2011

  • 1 1/8 miles, Saratoga dirt, 2009

  • 1 1/16 miles, Belmont Park dirt, 2009

ZEIDE ISAAC, colt/horse, 2005

  • Group 2, 2,000 meters (abt. 1¼ miles), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2009

  • Group 2, 2,400 meters (abt. 1½ miles), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2009

  • Group 2, 2,000 meters (abt. 1¼ miles), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2010

  • Group 2, 2,000 meters (abt. 1¼ miles), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2012

  • Group 3, 2,000 meters (abt. 1¼ miles), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2012

  • Group 3, 1,800 meters (abt. 1 1/8 mi.), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2012

  • 1,500 meters (abt. 7½ furlongs), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2010

  • 2,000 meters (abt. 1¼ miles), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2011


LUBASH, colt/horse, 2007

  • Grade 3, 1 1/16 miles, Gulfstream Park West turf, 2016

  • Grade 3, 1 1/8 miles, Gulfstream Park West turf (good), 2014

  • Grade 3, 1 1/16 miles, Belmont Park outer turf, 2013

  • 1 1/16 miles, Belmont Park inner turf (set course record), 2015

  • Mile, Belmont Park outer turf, 2015

  • 1 1/16 miles, Saratoga inner turf, 2015

  • 1 1/8 miles, Belmont Park inner turf (good), 2014

  • 1 1/16 miles, Saratoga outer turf, 2012

  • 1 1/8 miles, Belmont Park inner turf (yielding), 2012

  • 1 1/16 miles, Saratoga inner turf, 2010

  • Mile, Belmont Park outer turf (yielding), 2010

  • Mile, Aqueduct turf, 2010


HESSONITE, filly/mare, 2008

  • Grade 3, 1 1/16 miles, Belmont Park outer turf, 2013

  • 1 1/16 miles, Saratoga inner turf, 2013

  • 1 1/16 miles, Belmont Park inner turf (yielding), 2011

  • Mile, Saratoga inner turf, 2011

  • 7 furlongs, Belmont Park outer turf, 2011

  • Mile, Saratoga inner turf (yielding), 2012

  • 1 1/16 miles, Saratoga outer turf, 2012

  • 1 1/8 miles, Belmont Park inner turf (yielding), 2012

  • 1 1/16 miles, Belmont Park outer turf (yielding), 2012


KEY DANCE (ARG), filly, 2012

  • Group 2, 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), turf, San Isidro (Argentina), 2017

  • Group 2, 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), turf, Palermo (Argentina), 2017

  • Group 2, 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), dirt, Palermo (Argentina), 2017

  • Group 3, 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), dirt, Palermo (Argentina), 2016

  • Group 3, 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), dirt, Palermo (Argentina), 2017

  • Group 3, 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), dirt, Palermo (Argentina), 2016


MUCHA CHANCE, colt, 2013

  • Group 2, 2,000 meters (abt. 1¼ miles), dirt, Palermo (Arg.), 2019

  • Group 2, 2,000 meters, dirt (normal), La Plata (Argentina), 2018

STREET LOLO (ARG), colt 2012

  • Group 2, 2,400 meters (abt. 1 1/2 miles), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2016

  • Group 3, 1,800 meters (abt. 1 1/8 miles), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2016


ORANGE NUGGET (ARG), filly, 2013

  • Group 2, 1,600 meters, turf (heavy), San Isidro (Argentina), 2017


MR. VEGAS, gelding, 2007

  • Grade 3, abt. 1 1/16 miles, Fair Grounds turf (good), 2012


EFFIE TRINKET, filly, 2010

  • 6 furlongs, Saratoga dirt, 2012

  • 7 furlongs, Belmont Park outer turf, 2013

  • 1 1/8 miles, Belmont Park inner turf, 2013

  • 1 1/16 miles, Belmont Park inner turf, 2013


UNCLE T SEVEN, gelding, 2006

  • 1 1/16 miles, Saratoga outer turf, 2009

  • 6 furlongs, Aqueduct inner dirt (sloppy), 2009

  • 7 furlongs, Aqueduct outer dirt (muddy), 2009

  • 1 1/8 miles, Belmont Park inner turf, 2010

  • 6 furlongs, Finger Lakes dirt, 2013


GENERAL MAXIMUS, ridgling, 2007

  • 6 furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2010

  • 6½ furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2010

  • 6 furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2011


LIGHTS OFF ANNIE, filly/mare, 2005

  • 6 furlongs, Aqueduct inner dirt, 2009

  • 6 furlongs, Aqueduct inner dirt (muddy), 2010

  • 6 furlongs, Pimlico dirt, 2010


THERAPIST, colt, 2015

  • Mile, Gulfstream Park turf, 2018(set stakes record)

  • 7 furlongs, Belmont Park outer turf, 2018 (set stakes record)

  • Mile, Saratoga inner turf (good), 2018

  • 6 furlongs, Laurel Park turf, 2017

  • Mile, Belmont Park outer turf, 2017


FREUDIE ANNE, filly, 2012

  • Mile and 70 yards, Aqueduct inner dirt, 2014

  • Mile, Saratoga inner turf, 2015


LOVELY SYN, filly, 2010

  • 6½ furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2013

  • 7 furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2013


MISS NARCISSIST, filly, 2011

  • 7 furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2013

  • 6 furlongs, Aqueduct outer dirt, 2013


MERIWETHER JESSICA, filly/mare, 2005

  • 6 furlongs, Belmont Park inner turf, 2008

  • 1 1/8 miles, Saratoga inner turf, 2010


FREUD’S NOTEBOOK, filly/mare, 2007

  • 7 furlongs, Saratoga dirt, 2010

  • Mile, Aqueduct inner dirt, 2013


QUICK LITTLE MISS, filly, 2004

  • 6½ furlongs, Fairplex Park dirt, 2006

  • 7 furlongs, Hollywood Park synthetic (Polytrack), 2006


DARRIN’S DILEMMA, colt, 2008

  • 6½ furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2011

  • 7 furlongs, Belmont Park outer turf, 2011


DREAMSGONEWILD, gelding, 2009

  • Abt. 5½ furlongs, Monmouth Park turf, 2015

  • 6 furlongs, Laurel Park turf, 2014


BAVARO, colt, 2014

  • 6 furlongs, Aqueduct outer dirt, 2019

  • 6 furlongs, Aqueduct inner dirt (good), 2016

DAGNABIT, colt, 2006

  • 5½ furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2008

  • 6 furlongs, Finger Lakes dirt, 2008


THE FUNKY EXPRESS, filly, 2009

  • 6 furlongs, Aqueduct outer dirt, 2011

  • 5½ furlongs, Delaware Park dirt, 2011


FLIRT FOR FAME, filly/mare, 2003

  • 6 furlongs, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2006

  • 6 furlongs, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2006

  • Mile, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2006

  • Mile, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2006

  • Mile and 70 yards, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2006

  • 6 furlongs, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2008

  • Mile and 70 yards, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2008

  • Mile and 70 yards, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2008


BOOM BOOM SIENA (ARG), filly, 2012

  • 2,000 meters (abt. 1¼ miles), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2016

  • 2,000 meters (abt. 1¼ miles), turf, Monterrico (Peru), 2016


CHARPENTIER (ARG), colt, 2013

  • 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), dirt, Monterrico (Peru), 2018

  • 1,600 meters (abt. 1 mile), dirt, Monterrico (Peru), 2018


PRINCESS DREAM, filly, 2014

  • 6 furlongs, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2018

  • 6 furlongs, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2017

JUST STORMIN, gelding, 2012 1 mile, Delta Downs dirt, 2018

OUR BRAINTRUST, colt, 2016 5 1/2 furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2018

LA MONEDA, mare, 2013 - 1 1/16 miles, Saratoga inner turf, 2018

DOT MATRIX, gelding, 2013 - 1 1/16 miles, Indiana Grand Race Course turf, 2018

PSYCHO SISTER, mare, 2013 -  1 1/16 miles, Golden Gate Fields synthetic (Tapeta), 2018

BERNING ROSE, filly, 2015 – Mile, Belmont Park dirt, 2017

TEPHRA (ARG), filly, 2013 –  1,800 meters (abt. 1 1/8 miles), turf, San Isidro (Argentina), 2017

CLOUD CONTROL, colt, 2013 – 7 furlongs, Belmont Park outer turf, 2016

DREAMBOAT ANNIE, filly, 2012 – 7 furlongs, Belmont Park dirt (good), 2015

MAH JONG MADDNES, mare, 2009 – Mile, Belmont Park outer turf, 2014

SHAKEIRA, mare, 2008 – Mile, Belmont Park outer turf, 2013

EXTRA SEXY PSYCHIC, filly, 2005 – 6½ furlongs, Presque Isle Downs synthetic (Tapeta), 2008

PRETTY BOY FREUD, gelding, 2006 – 7 furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2011

FOLLOW MY DREAM, mare, 2003 – 1 1/16 miles, Aqueduct turf (yielding), 2008

TAMBERINO, filly, 2003 – 7 furlongs, Aqueduct outer dirt, 2007

FREUD’S HONOUR, colt, 2008 – 1 1/8 miles, Monmouth Park turf (good), 2011

SENTIMENTAL LASS, filly, 2008 – 7 furlongs, Belmont Park dirt, 2010

IN TE DOMINE, filly, 2007 – 1 1/16 miles, Saratoga inner turf, 2010

LOGIC WAY, gelding, 2004 – 1 1/8 miles, Belmont Park inner turf, 2008

KARAKORUM ELEKTRA, mare, 2004 – 6 furlongs, Belmont Park inner turf (good), 2009

P J’S SUPEREGO, filly, 2010 – 6 furlongs, Aqueduct outer dirt, 2012

SO N SO, filly, 2007 – 6 furlongs, Saratoga dirt, 2009

MIGHTY EROS, filly, 2004 – 7 furlongs, Aqueduct outer dirt, 2007

ANGRY PATTY, filly, 2013 – 6 furlongs, Suffolk Downs dirt, 2016

DREWSSASIN, colt, 2011 – Mile, Evangeline Downs turf, 2014

DR. SHANE, colt, 2013 – 6 furlongs, Finger Lakes dirt, 2015

TALK THERAPY, gelding, 2006 – 1 1/16 miles, Finger Lakes dirt, 2013

SOMERS TOWN (ARG), filly, 2012 – 1,000 meters (abt. 5 furlongs), dirt, La Plata (Argentina), 2015

BE A GINNY, filly, 2006 – 1 1/8 miles, dirt, Hipodromo Camarero (Puerto Rico), 2009

Freud Leads NY Sires for 5th Year in 2018 – Picks Up 64th, 65th, and 66th SWs During December

The only North American sire of Grade 1-winning millionaires on dirt (SHARP AZTECA - $2,406,740) and turf (FOURSTAR CROOK - $1,624,566) standing outside of Kentucky, five-time leading New York sire FREUD picked up his 64th, 65th, and 66th stakes winners during December in California, Argentina, and Louisiana, respectively. Freud in 2018 was represented by 11 stakes winners (eight in North America, three in South America) of 19 stakes events, including three Grade/Group 1 contests and three Grade/Group 2 contests, plus two stakes records. In addition to having been a five-time leading New York sire, Freud has led all sires in the Northeast in four of the past five years, including the last three.

Freud’s Sharp Azteca, who raced for Ivan Rodriguez’s Gelfenstein Farm in addition to Ron Paolucci’s Loooch Racing Stables, Inc., Ashley Quartarolo, and Martin Scharf; and Fourstar Crook, who raced for Michael Dubb, Michael J. Caruso’s Bethlehem Stables, and Gary Aisquith, both have transitioned into seven-figure-value breeding prospects. Sharp Azteca, one of the fastest dirt milers of his generation, has entered stud at Three Chimneys Farm in Kentucky for a $10,000 fee. Fourstar Crook, who had a spirited rivalry with a likely Eclipse Champion (beating her at Belmont, where Fourstar Crook on October 7 won the Grade 1 Flower Bowl by two lengths), brought $1.5-million as a not-bred racing/broodmare prospect at Fasig-Tipton Kentucky’s November sale despite representing her dam’s only black type.

Scoring her second consecutive Group 1 tally on October 6 was another daughter of Freud, 3-year-old Argentine-bred SUMMER LOVE, who won the Gran Premio Seleccion at 2,000 meters (about 1¼ miles) on dirt before 30,000 fans at Palermo in Buenos Aires. A homebred for La Leyenda Stable, Summer Love had captured the Group 1 Gran Premio Polla de Potrancas (Argentine One Thousand Guineas) at 1,600 meters (about a mile) on Palermo dirt by four lengths on September 1. She has three wins in four starts.

Freud’s latest Argentine-bred group winner in the Buenos Aires area is his son MUCHA CHANCE, who on December 27 won the Group 2 Clasico Clausura at 2,000 meters on dirt at La Plata by an open margin as the favorite among 12 from the outside post. Owned by DAP Stable and holder of La Plata’s 2,000-meter dirt track record (2:01.23) since late 2017, Mucha Chance also has won at 1,600 meters on turf and dirt (in 1:33-flat by six lengths at Palermo on November 16) and at 1,800 meters (about 1 1/8 miles) on dirt.

Freud’s North American December stakes winners were Craig Drago’s JUST STORMIN ($246,355), who won Delta Downs’ black type B-Connected Stakes at a mile on dirt against nine rivals on December 29, and Scott Herbertson’s PYSCHO SISTER ($185,790), who captured Golden Gate Fields’ black type Miss America Stakes on December 8. Freud’s son Just Stormin has won at four different distances, and Delta Downs was the 31st track at which Freud’s runners have won stakes. Freud’s daughter Pyscho Sister, who won the Miss America by three lengths against eight going 1 1/16 miles on an all-weather track, also has tallied four times on turf and missed narrowly to a favored rival in a black type stakes on turf.

Freud’s 2018 Saratoga turf stakes winners were THERAPIST ($372,800), who scored his fifth black type tally by 5½ lengths under top weight at a mile, and LA MONEDA ($372,969), who captured Saratoga’s $156,075 Yaddo in that event’s second-fastest 1 1/16-mile time ever (1:40.49) in her stakes debut. Therapist, a May-foaled just-turned 4-year-old colt bred and owned by Oak Bluff Stables, also has won stakes at Belmont (twice), Gulfstream, and Laurel. La Moneda, a homebred daughter of Freud owned by Patricia L. Moseley, placed second among 14 in a graded turf stakes at Gulfstream on December 15.


In addition to Summer Love, another Argentine-bred Freud 3-year-old prominent in Group 1 company is Dona Licha Stable’s CRAZY FREUD, who placed second among 14 in the Group 1 Derby Nacional at 2,400 meters (about a mile and a half) on dirt at Monterrico in Peru on November 11. A first-out winner at 1,200 meters (about six furlongs) on dirt as a 2-year-old (on Southern Hemisphere breeding schedule) in April, the stretch-running colt won his turf debut at Monterrico (in Lima) on December 15, beating eight rivals at 2,000 meters in 2:01.36.

Another of Freud’s versatile Argentine-bred Peruvian standouts is Dona Licha Stable’s FIORAVANTTI, who has four wins on dirt and three on turf at six different distances at Monterrico, including back-to-back three-length turf tallies a week apart in November at 1,500 meters (about 1 15/16 miles) and 1,800 meters. The son of Freud is multiple listed stakes-placed on Monterrico dirt at 1,600 meters.

Usually, Southern Hemisphere-foaled juveniles in South America make their first starts in the new calendar year, but Argentine-bred 2-year-old Freud filly DONA MILHOJAS (foaled 9-6-16) debuted victoriously on December 23 at Argentina’s premier San Isidro track near Buenos Aires at 1,000 meters (about five furlongs) on turf. A homebred for San Benito Stable, Dona Milhojas was favored among eight starters but broke awkwardly, veering immediately to her right and starting off dead last. She was third entering the final furlong but forged ahead in her finishing strides.

Freud’s other 2018 North American stakes winners include OUR BRAINTRUST ($166,640), a just-turned 3-year-old co-owned by trainer Cathal A. Lynch and Stanton J. Smith Jr. and winner of Belmont’s 5½-furlong Tremont Stakes in his second career start last June. Given time to recover from bucked shins, Our Braintrust returned to place second in both Laurel’s Maryland Juvenile Futurity (run in a stakes record 1:21.91 for seven furlongs) on December 8 and Aqueduct’s listed Jerome (mile) Stakes (behind a favored Grade 1 winner) on New Year’s Day. Freud’s stakes-winning BAVARO ($232,305) scored five of his seven career victories by margins totaling more than 21 lengths in 2018 for owner-trainer Jeremiah C. Englehart, the latest a 4¼-length romp against eight six-figure-earners going six furlongs at Aqueduct in December. Going four-for-four in 2018 was Freud’s PRINCESS DREAM ($178,039), who won Suffolk Downs’ six-furlong Isadorable Stakes and one-mile First Episode Stakes – both on dirt, the latter under top weight of 127 – in June and July and the George Brown Memorial Turf Mile Stakes (her turf debut) against males in August. Princess Dream is among many Freud homebreds racing for Patricia L. Moseley.

Placing second in stakes to earn first black type credentials were Freud’s MUNCHKIN MONEY ($231,070) in her stakes debut in Belmont’s $129,188 John Hettinger in September and Saratoga turf-winning Freud juvenile ANALYZETHISANDTHAT in Aqueduct’s $100,000 Notebook at six furlongs on a muddy track in November. Munchkin Money, who has turf victories at four different distances between six furlongs and 1 1/16 miles at Saratoga, Belmont, and Aqueduct for Newport Stables LLC, showed a strong closing kick in the 1 1/8-mile Hettinger on grass. Analyzethisandthat, Joseph Birnbaum’s homebred, was the second of Freud’s 2-year-old winning sons of 2018 to gain black type. Freud’s son DR. SHANE ($504,987), a two-length stakes winner on dirt, scored his second near course-record turf sprint victory of 2018 for owner Daniel J. Feiss in a six-furlong Aqueduct open allowance in November, clocking 1:08.15 under top weight. Freud’s three-time stakes-placed NOBLE FREUD ($214,370), a graded-placed filly as a 3-year-old and a winner on Oaklawn Park dirt and Saratoga turf, won again for Head of Plains Partners LLC in a six-furlong Aqueduct allowance optional in December, beating seven rivals from the outside post.

Freud’s other allowance winners that tallied in the second half of 2018, listed chronologically, included:

BEYOND THE GREEN ($220,608), racing for Wanda Polisseni’s My Purple Haze Stables LLC, won Finger Lakes open allowance co-feature at a mile and 70 yards with his 5¾-length romp at odds-on, July 19.

SOL THE FREUD ($342,504), racing for Ashley Racing Stable, beat odds-on stakes-placed runner-up by daylight at equal weights on Monmouth dirt – at six furlongs in his first start off 192-day layoff, July 29.

J J’S DREAMING ($135,387), homebred for Maggie Seidman’s Seidman Stables LLC, he romped by eight over odds-on runner-up (by $110,000-fee sire) in 1 1/8-mile Saratoga allowance on wet dirt, August 8.

CRAZY LOVE ($126,625), racing for owner-trainer M. Anthony Ferraro, black type stakes-placed as a juvenile, she won by 12 lengths at 1-to-2 while going a mile and 40 yards at Finger Lakes, September 13.

E J’S LEGACY ($181,214), racing for Thomas Viverito, multiple turf winner (and close dirt stakes runner-up at Aqueduct), he won Finger Lakes’ open allowance feature at a mile and 40 yards, September 20.

FREUD’S AFFAIR ($172,067), racing for co-breeder and occasional trainer Christopher Progno, he beat eight under co-top weight in six-furlong Aqueduct allowance for third dirt win of 2018, November 9.

CEREBRAL ($182,176), racing for Darren Viands, he won three-turn, 1 1/8-mile feature at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town by 4½ lengths at odds-on among eight – his fifth win of 2018 – December 12.

Freud’s other 2018 winners since mid-August, also listed chronologically, included:

MR. FREUD ($166,018), for J.S.R. Stable, Inc., Presque Isle Downs, six furlongs, Tapeta, August 14.

SEEKING THE SUNSET, for owner-trainer Derrick A. Parram, Laurel, 1 1/16 miles, turf, August 16.

GEAR JAMMER, new six-figure-earner for Establo Dora Alta, at Camarero (P.R.), 6½ furlongs, August 17.

MENTAL ICEBERG ($168,710), for owner-trainer Joshua Langley, Mountaineer, mile and 70, August 19.

FREUDIAN FALL, for George J. Kerr, by four lengths at Gulfstream, 1 1/16 miles, sloppy dirt, August 25.

JET BLACK ($271,379), for Yellow Moon Stable and John G. Novello, Parx, mile and 70, dirt, August 26.

COSMIC DREAMS, for Ron (trainer) and Regine Olson, Grande Prairie, six furlongs, dirt, August 26.

TRES CHARMANT, homebred for TLC Thoroughbreds, Saratoga, 5½ furlongs (1:02.51), turf, August 29.

CITY DR, for owner-trainer M. Anthony Ferraro, Presque Isle Downs, mile and 70, Tapeta, September 2.

FREUDLAND, for Catch Me If You Can Stables, Penn National, 5½ furlongs, dirt, September 22.

MORGAN’S Z VA, homebred for Joseph L. Maloney, Presque Isle Downs, six furlongs, Tapeta, October 3.

CARRY YOUR HEELS, for Five C’s/Lawrence Racing Stables, Penn National, six furlongs, dirt, October 25.

ROXHAM, for Douglas J. Reddington, Woodbine, seven furlongs, Polytrack, November 7.

COLONEL ANDY, new six-figure-earner, for Joseph R. Stone, Laurel, 5½ furlongs, dirt, November 8.

JAZZY JUDER, for Dubb, Sheep Pond Partners, Bethlehem Stable, Laurel, 5½ furlongs, dirt, November 11.

JOEY B, for James Keith Ollison, Turfway Park, 1 1/16 miles, Polytrack, December 8.

The following offspring of Freud broke their maidens in the second half of 2018, listed chronologically:

TEN EYCK, homebred for Paul Regan’s Upland Farm, Belmont, 1 1/16 miles, yielding turf, July 15.

THIRD CARD DOWN, for Happy Face Racing Stable, Saratoga, six furlongs, dirt, August 20.

SADIE LADY, 2yo for Dennis Narlinger in maiden special debut, Belmont, six furlongs, dirt, September 20.

J C S STAR, homebred for John Caputo, Finger Lakes open maiden special, six furlongs, October 6.

GENTLE ANNIE, for Michael A. Henning, Belmont, six furlongs, dirt, October 8.

SMILES FROM SADIE, for Rudy Rodriguez and Michael Imperio, Belmont, 1 1/16 miles, dirt, October 13.

GOOD OLD BOY, for William J. Butler, Belmont, seven furlongs, yielding turf, October 17.

TIME EXPIRED, homebred for Sunny Meadow Farm, Belmont, 1 1/16 miles, good turf, October 18.

LOST IN MANHATTAN, 2yo for Midwest Thoroughbreds, Aqueduct, six furlongs, good dirt, November 3.

ADORABLE SONG, for Lanes Mark Racing Stable, Aqueduct, mile, dirt, November 4.


Freud’s other Argentine-bred 2018 South American winners since mid-August include, chronologically:

FROHE, racing for Las Delicias Stable, he scored second victory of 2018 at La Plata in August, drawing off to win by six lengths against 12 rivals going 1,600 meters on dirt.

VICTORINO, racing for Queen Debiss Stable, he has won against nine rivals at 2,000 meters on dirt at both La Plata and San Isidro, most recently by five lengths at San Isidro in late August.

SOUTH PROSPECT, racing for Isla Surena Stable, he scored his second Palermo win of 2018 in late August, beating eight sprint rivals going 1,200 meters and clocking 1:09.67 despite being carried wide.

GOING FREE, homebred racing for La Pesadilla Stable, she won second and third starts in June and September at Palermo at 1,400 meters (about seven furlongs) on dirt after placing second in debut.

RACCONTO, racing for La Fragole Stable, he was a juvenile winner going 1,400 meters on Palermo dirt in 2017 and won against eight rivals going 1,600 meters on San Isidro turf in September.

SERVUS, racing for El Sureno Stable, he was favored at 2,000 meters on dirt against nine rivals at La Plata in late September and came from off the pace to score his third victory and first route tally.

INTERFREUD, racing for Las Sedas Stable, he scored his second victory by three lengths at 1,200 meters (in 1:09.88) on Palermo dirt in October despite breaking from extreme outside post among 11 starters.

INTRATABLE FREUD, talented filly racing for Los Cozacos Stable has three wins (two turf, one dirt) and three seconds, including a Group 2 placing on wet turf, in seven starts (once fourth) and won 1,600-meter turf contests 27 days apart at San Isidro in September and October.

LA SUBLIME, homebred filly for El Catorce Stable won debut by more than a dozen lengths, placed second in next start (both at straightaway 1,000 meters), and won third start by 2¾ lengths at 1,300 meters (about 6½ furlongs) around a turn – all within a 43-day span on Monterrico dirt.

AKI MIRAME, racing for El Zonda Stable, she has six wins – five on dirt following turf tally in second start – including two-length November score over group-placed runner-up going 1,200 meters at San Isidro.

STRABONE, racing for Adeodato Stable, he won by seven lengths from outside post among ten starters going 1,600 meters on San Isidro dirt in late November – his second victory of current racing season.

DON RAYITO, homebred for San Benito Stable, he won first two starts on turf at San Isidro and Palermo – both at 1,600 meters against 11 rivals – in October and November respectively, the latter in 1:32.66.

CRISTOFORO COLOMBO, racing for San Jose de Ecuador Stable, he won at 1,200 meters on San Isidro turf and Palermo dirt in 2018 – the latter by three lengths in November – and is listed stakes-placed.

VISEES FREUDE, homebred for Chimpay Stable, she has won twice against ten rivals on San Isidro dirt during 2018-2019 racing season – at 1,100 meters (about 5½ furlongs) and 1,200 meters (December 12).

PALOMERO, he scored latest victory for To-No-Go Stable, winning by 2½ lengths from outside post among 12 starters going 1,400 meters on San Isidro dirt on December 19.

FONSO FREUD, homebred for Identic Stable, he won three 1,000-meter dirt sprints at Hipodromo Chile in Santiago in 2018 – the latest by four and two lengths against 11 rivals, November 1 and December 20.

FREUD MORO, racing for Kevin-Alexis Stable since 2017, he has won five races on dirt at four different distances, most recently by 2½ lengths against ten rivals going 1,500 meters at La Plata on December 27.

Freud’s following Argentine-breds broke their maidens in Argentina, August through December 2018:

FREUDINHO, homebred for El Tatu Stable, he beat nine by 2½, San Isidro dirt, 1,200 meters, August 3.

BRUNITO, racing for E.A.B. Stable, he beat 11 by five in debut, La Plata dirt, 1,100 meters, August 30.

SOSEGADO, racing for Pachu Stable, he beat eight going 1,000 meters on La Plata dirt, September 11.

SYLVIE GUILLEM, racing for Parchment Stable, she beat 12, 2,000 meters, San Isidro turf, September 23.

VIVAN LOS LOCOS, racing for Difo Firmat Stable, he beat 12, 1,000 meters, Palermo dirt, September 24.

ELECTRIC START, racing for Las 3 Semillas Stable, he beat 12, 1,400 meters, Palermo dirt, October 8.

PIPI DON, racing for Juanito’s Stable, he beat nine at 1,200 meters, San Isidro turf, 1:09.10, October 27.

SALVATORE PRIMO, racing for July 9 Stable, he won by three, 1,200 meters, Palermo dirt, November 26.

NUTELA, racing Al Aljibe Stable, she won by two against ten, 1,100 meters, San Isidro dirt, December 5.

CANDY FREUD, racing for Pergamino Stable, she beat 12 at 1,400 meters, San Isidro dirt, December 12.

HERMOSA LOCA, for Miguel and Gabriel Stable, she beat 13, 1,400 meters, San Isidro turf, December 15.

DISNEY JUNIOR, racing for Agus Stable, he beat 13, 1,300 meters, Azul dirt (Buenos Aires), December 16.

Freud’s 8 Winners in 7 Days (July 9-15) Featured by 61st SW Dot Matrix in $100K Listed Indiana Stakes

Freud’s 8 Winners in 7 Days (July 9-15) Featured by 61st SW Dot Matrix in $100K Listed Indiana Stakes

Freud continues to advance among the top-30 living North American-based sires in 2018 progeny earnings, passing expensive Kentucky-based stallions who usually have more starters. In New York, Freud is the leading sire in 2018 Northern Hemisphere progeny earnings (almost $3.1-million), 2018 black type stakes winners, 2018 black type stakes wins, 2018 repeat winners, lifetime Average-Earnings Index, and cumulative Northern Hemisphere progeny earnings (over $52.6-million).

Top-Weighted (127 Lbs.) Princess Dream Wins First Episode S. – Freud’s 3rd Miler Winner in 9 Days

By Rab Hagin

In North and South America, dirt and turf, runners by FREUD showcased their miler talent on Saturday, June 30 and again on Sunday, July 8, when odds-on daughter PRINCESS DREAM ($147,539) won Suffolk Downs’ First Episode Stakes under top weight of 127 pounds for her third tally in 68 days. Princess Dream’s victory helped to boost Freud to among the top-30 living North American-based sires of 2018 in Northern Hemisphere progeny earnings (through July 9) – and the only member of that elite group standing outside Kentucky. Princess Dream is one of three Freud homebred six-figure earners owned by Patricia L. Moseley that have won in June and July. The others are LA MONEDA ($175,544), who dashed a mile in 1:33.11 on Belmont turf on June 30, and DREAM DOCTOR ($146,035), who nearly equaled a 30-year-old course record on Suffolk Downs turf on June 9.

Princess Dream, spotting weight to all her First Episode rivals, including winners of the 2016 and 2017 renewals of that two-turn event, was challenged repeatedly after gaining the lead on the backstretch. Her first threat came from the 2016 First Episode winner, who was closely pursued by the 2017 winner. After those two had dropped out of contention, a new contender – a six-figure-earner in receipt of eight pounds in weight from Princess Dream – loomed in the stretch on Princess Dream’s inside and pulled nearly even with her, but the daughter of Freud reasserted command and prevailed.

The one-mile First Episode marked the first victory beyond six furlongs for Princess Dream, who is three-for-three in 2018 following victories in Finger Lakes’ five-furlong Miss Patriot Handicap on May 1 and Suffolk Downs’ six-furlong Isadorable Stakes (for the second consecutive year) on June 9. She has won six of her 12 starts, placed second or third five times and has never finished worse than fourth (once).

Owner-breeder Moseley’s aforementioned La Moneda captured a $77,000 Belmont allowance for open fillies and mares by 3¼ lengths as the favored co-topweight. Her 1:33.11 clocking – more than a full second faster than her winning mile on the same course while carrying four pounds less three weeks earlier – was accomplished by running her final quarter-mile (23.25) faster than the contest’s opening quarter. Placing second and third behind her were rivals coming off stakes-placed efforts on NYRA turf. Another of Freud’s June 30 miler winners, Liam F. Benson’s new six-figure-earning NOT SO QUIET MAN, beat 13 rivals – ten of them six-figure-earners, including a favored Grade 2 winner of $396,950 – on Monmouth Park turf. Not So Quiet Man also has won at Saratoga and Meadowlands, but this was his first victory at beyond 5½ furlongs. Romping by 5¼ lengths over the $274,164-earning even-money runner-up at equal weights in a six-furlong Finger Lakes allowance on July 9 was stakes-winning Freud colt BAVARO ($192,140), who races for owner-trainer Jeremiah C. Englehart and is Freud’s 14th Northern Hemisphere repeat winner of 2018 – topping all New York sires.

Missing narrowly in a Group 1 Argentine event at 1,600 meters (about a mile) in 1:34.83 on June 30 was Freud’s Argentine-bred juvenile daughter, SUMMER LOVE, who led nine rivals to her final stride in the Gran Premio Estrellas (“Stars”) Juvenile Fillies on Palermo dirt in Buenos Aires. The race was run in dense fog, with the field disappearing from view at various junctures, and a latter part of the “Stars” card that day was postponed because of weather. Summer Love, a homebred for La Leyenda Stable, had won first-out by six lengths on wet (“heavy”) Palermo dirt on June 1 at 1,400 meters (about seven furlongs). In her Group 1 outing and second start, she beat the favorite, a Group 2 winner, by almost five lengths.

For the second consecutive season – despite the strengthening of the U.S. dollar against South American currencies – Freud’s Southern Hemisphere progeny have topped $1-million in U.S. equivalent earnings for the just-completed 2017-2018 racing season. Freud was represented by 63 winners for the season, including five stakes winners and five stakes-placed, boosting his cumulative Southern Hemisphere progeny earnings to more than $4-million, with a total of 11 black-type stakes winners.

Freud’s Top-Weighted Therapist Sets 2nd Stakes Record of 2018 in Belmont’s NYSS Spectacular Bid

By Rab Hagin

Breaking from the outside post as the youngest among ten starters, odds-on THERAPIST ($308,725) won Belmont’s $100,000 New York Stallion Spectacular Bid Stakes by two lengths under top weight in 1:21.07 for seven furlongs on turf on Sunday, June 24, giving the FREUD colt his second stakes record of 2018. Therapist had to race five-wide down the backstretch to secure a reasonable position on the turn, where he threaded between rivals before overtaking the front-runner, setting a six-furlong fraction of 1:08.79 and drawing clear. His winning time broke the Spectacular Bid stakes record – held since 2013 by a multiple stakes winner of $657,285 carrying four pounds less than Therapist – by nearly three-fifths of a second. A homebred for Lynn and Richard’s Leahy’s Oak Bluff Stables and co-bred by winning trainer Christophe Clement, Therapist was the only May-foaled 3-year-old among the event’s ten sophomores.

Clement, who also had trained Therapist’s dam – a two-time winner who was not a stakes producer prior to being bred to Freud – observed that Therapist has “a great turn of foot.” Clement also acknowledged that the colt had been “a touch flat” in his previous start 22 days earlier while coming off a nine-week layoff (“a little more anxious than what we like, but he’s a pretty busy horse mentally”). Clement pointed out that Therapist belonged to a small group of standouts produced from Oak Bluff Stable’s “amazing breeding program,” adding, “I’m just lucky to train for (them).” Therapist was conceived when Freud’s multiple graded-winning LUBASH ($1,515,139) was being trained by Clement.

Winning jockey Irad Ortiz Jr., who had piloted Therapist to a stakes record mile in 1:33.42 in Gulfstream Park’s $127,500 Cutler Bay Stakes on March 31, had “a lot of confidence” in Therapist: “The way he was feeling today, I thought he was going to run the way he ran.”

Therapist is the third son of Freud to win the Spectacular Bid, following DARRIN’S DILEMMA for Michael Dubb and Bethlehem Stables LLC in 2011 and CLOUD CONTROL for owner-breeders Chester and Mary Broman in 2016. The Spectacular Bid marked Therapist’s fifth victory in seven starts and fourth stakes tally. He is Freud’s 12th Northern Hemisphere 2018 repeat winner, which leads all New York-based sires.

Therapist was Freud’s sixth Northern Hemisphere winner within a nine-day span (June 16-24), beginning with Daniel J. Feiss’ stakes-winning DR. SHANE ($412,271), who came within about a fifth of a second of Belmont’s seven-furlong course record while scoring his first turf victory in 1:19.44 on June 16. Favored among eight in a $70,000 Belmont allowance optional, Dr. Shane led gate-to-wire, setting a 20.97 intermediate quarter-mile split (for a half-mile fraction of 43.57) and winning by 4¾ lengths. Winning 5½-furlong allowances at Finger Lakes by daylight margins on June 23 were Freud’s new six-figure-earning son, FREUD’S AFFAIR, and four-time winning daughter, AQUARIUS. Freud’s Affair, campaigned by owner-breeder Lisa Ann Reed under the care of trainer and co-breeder Christopher John Progno, beat odds-on runner-up and co-topweight BAVARO ($180,440), a stakes-winning son of Freud owned and trained by Jeremiah C. Englehart. Aquarius, another Freud homebred for Patricia L. Moseley, scored by almost two lengths. Tallying by almost two lengths at seven furlongs on Evangeline Downs dirt on June 20 was Freud’s stakes-placed Louisiana-bred son, JUST STORMIN ($189,445), who races for Charles Carlton. Easily winning a Finger Lakes 5½-furlong maiden special for open fillies and mares by eight lengths in her debut on June 18 was May-foaled 3-year-old Freud filly RISKY ANALYSIS, a homebred for Chester and Mary R. Broman and the only first-time starter – as well as the youngest – among seven.

In South America, four Freud fillies scored in Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay during June 18-24, highlighted on June 24 by 3-year-olds LA BOMBON going 1,900 meters (about 1 3/16 miles) on Monterrico turf in Peru and CHIA F going 1,000 meters (about five furlongs) on Maronas dirt in Uruguay. La Bombon, an Argentine-bred racing for Agustin Gabriel Stable, tallied by almost two lengths against 13 rivals in 1:56.11 and now has two wins on turf and one on dirt in six starts in 2018. Chia F, a Uruguayan-bred racing for Rincon del Rey Stable, romped by six lengths against six rivals in her one-turn outing, clocking 57.34 on the tight-turn track to come within less than a second of the track record in her fourth victory. Breaking their maidens on dirt at Buenos Aires-area tracks in Argentina were Argentine-bred Freud fillies GOING FREE at 1,400 meters (about seven furlongs) in her second start on June 18 at Palermo and ARTISTAS FASHION at 1,100 meters (about 5½ furlongs) at San Isidro on June 20. Going Free, a homebred for La Pesadilla Stable, broke from the outside post among 13 and won by two lengths in 1:22.96, improving significantly from her second-placed debut among 13 in February. Artistas Fashion, a 3-year-old filly owned by Mamina Stable, won by a length and a half against 11 rivals with a big stretch run in the final quarter-mile.

Placing in black type events on June 16 and June 24 were Freud’s stakes-winning Argentine-bred sons MUST GO ON ($329,154 in U.S. equivalent earnings) at Palermo and CHARPENTIER at Monterrico respectively and 3-year-old New York-bred daughter MENTALITY ($111,834) at Belmont on June 24. Must Go On, a Group 1 winner on turf owned by Tata Y Tigre Stable, placed second among ten in Palermo’s Group 2 Clasico General Belgrano at 2,500 meters (about 1 9/16 miles) on dirt in his second start (and second group-placing) off a one-year layoff. Charpentier, a 4-year-old multiple listed winner at Monterrico for Dona Licha Stable coming off a 12¼-length listed tally three weeks earlier (on June 3), placed third in the Group 2 Clasico OSAF at 1,600 meters (about a mile) on dirt after having led most of the way. Mentality, owned by Lindy Farms, gained her first black type by placing third among 11 in Belmont’s $100,000 New York Stallion Cupecoy’s Joy Stakes after having finished less than a length behind the winner of Aqueduct’s $100,000 Mizdirection Stakes for open 3-year-old fillies going six furlongs on turf in April. Mentality 29 days earlier had beaten the Cupecoy’s Joy winner by 2¼ lengths in a seven-furlong Belmont turf allowance (in 1:20.82) at equal weights, but she was spotting four pounds to that same rival in the Cupecoy’s Joy and placed a length behind her.

Freud’s Argentine-Bred Son Charpentier Romps by 12¼ Lengths in Listed Stakes at Monterrico, Peru

By Rab Hagin

Dona Licha Stable’s Argentine-bred FREUD colt, CHARPENTIER, romped by 12¼ lengths in the listed Coronel Alfonso Ugarte at 1,600 meters (about a mile) on Monterrico dirt near Lima, Peru on Sunday, June 3, scoring his eighth career victory and fourth win in 2018 in five starts – twice in listed events. The talented chestnut 4-year-old has looked (and been) unbeatable from 1,200 meters (about six furlongs) to 1,700 meters (about 1 1/16 miles) since returning in February from a four-month layoff. He is now making a serious claim as the best dirt miler in Peru.

Charpentier broke like a cannon shot in the one-turn event for seven starters, 3-year-olds and up at weight-for-age, and immediately opened up a multiple-length margin over his rivals. He was briefly headed approaching the turn by a colt coming off recent back-to-back big-margin victories on Monterrico dirt and also was threatened on his inside by a two-time champion Peruvian miler, but he quickly pulled away from those challengers and was un-pressured thereafter. Charpentier actually accelerated his final quarter-mile (400 meters) despite no obvious urging from his jockey, Rito Almanza.

Launching his racing career in Argentina under Dona Licha Stable’s green and yellow colors, Charpentier won his third and final Argentine start going 1,400 meters (about seven furlongs) on dirt at San Isidro near Buenos Aires in July of 2016. About 10 months later he won his Peruvian debut going a straight 1,000 meters (about five furlongs) on dirt by four lengths. Stretched out to 1,200 meters nine days later at Monterrico, Charpentier won by five lengths. Stretched out again four weeks later (June 10, 2017) – this time to 1,500 meters (about a sixteenth of a mile short of a full mile) – the quick-striding colt scored by 3½ lengths. Since regaining winning form following his layoff, Charpentier has scored three of his four 2018 victories decisively, the exception being a neck decision over another son of Freud, Agustin Gabriel Stable’s Argentine-bred MR. CONNERY, in a 1,700-meter feature at Monterrico on April 7 in which he was top-weighted. Charpentier has carried 132 pounds (60 kilograms) in each of his last four starts.

Charpentier became Freud’s 59th stakes winner when he won Monterrico’s listed Clasico Galeno by 5¼ lengths at 1,600 meters on March 11. His owner, Dona Licha Stable, has raced several of Freud’s winners, including Peruvian champion 3-year-old colt and 1,600-meter Group 1 winner ALEX ROSSI.

Charpentier’s latest victory came two days after another Argentine-bred offspring of Freud, 2-year-old filly SUMMER LOVE, had debuted with an eye-opening feat at Palermo in Buenos Aires on June 1. Facing 11 rivals at 1,400 meters on wet (heavy) dirt, the La Leyenda Stable homebred went almost immediately to the front and led thereafter with little encouragement, drawing off in the late stretch to win by six lengths. Summer Love is Freud’s third Southern Hemisphere 2-year-old winner of the current season.

Also on June 1 on the northern side of the Equator, Freud’s latest Northern Hemisphere winner, Joseph E. Besecker’s SEEKING THE SUNSET, led at all calls against five going 5½ furlongs on Laurel Park dirt to break his maiden in his second start and first outing on a fast track. The son of Freud had debuted on a sloppy Pimlico track 15 days earlier at five furlongs against nine rivals, breaking dead last and still running next-to-last with a furlong to go, after which he passed four in the deep stretch.

Freud's 15 Winners in May Plus Recent G1-Placer Keep Him Among Leaders in North & South America

Scratched from Belmont’s graded Soaring Softly Stakes when that seven-furlong event came off the turf, 3-year-old FREUD filly MENTALITY turned in her own stakes-caliber performance a week later in a $65,000 seven-furlong Belmont allowance for fillies and mares on May 26, beating 10 rivals at near even money in 1:20.82. Owned by Lindy Farms, Mentality became Freud’s latest six-figure-earner and highlighted a parade of 15 winners of 16 races in North and South America representing current leading New York sire Freud during May. Mentality, a full sister to Freud’s undefeated multiple stakes-winning (on dirt) daughter LOVELY SYN ($202,200), in her most recent previous start (April 15) had finished less than a length short of winning a six-figure stakes for open 3-year-old fillies on Aqueduct turf.

Winning open allowance sprints at Finger Lakes were stakes-winning Freud colt BAVARO ($176,540) at 4½ furlongs on May 5 and at 5½ furlongs on May 24 and multiple open allowance-winning Freud filly DAVID’S ELAINE at five furlongs on May 15. Bavaro, who races for owner-trainer Jeremiah C. Englehart, romped by 3¾ lengths under top weight from the outside post among six as “clearly best” in his earlier outing and scored by 3½ lengths under co-top weight against seven rivals 19 days later in Finger Lakes’ feature. He was odds-on in both contests. David’s Elaine, a homebred racing for David E. Ahearn, won her 2018 debut off a 201-day layoff as the youngest starter in Finger Lakes’ feature, overtaking the odds-on front-running runner-up at equal weights to boost her record to four wins in seven starts.

Breaking their maidens in May were Freud’s runners OUR BRAINTRUST (Freud’s first 2-year-old starter of 2018) at Laurel Park, May 3; GUY AMERICAN DREAM at Belmont, May 13; VITA LUNA at Emerald Downs in Washington state, May 20; and C U IN THE CIRCLE at Penn National, May 26. Our Braintrust, a May-foaled 2-year-old Maryland-bred owned by Lynch Racing LLC and Smith Farm and Stable, out-broke eight rivals in a $54,160 Laurel Park open maiden special at 4½ furlongs, stalked in fourth place, then took command and held off a son of North America’s second-leading sire. Guy American Dream, a son of Freud racing for Guyana Rocky LLC, was the youngest among eight (only May-foaled 3-year-old) going 6½ furlongs in Belmont mud and won by daylight. Vita Luna, a New York-bred daughter of Freud racing on the West Coast for owner-trainer Edwin C. Cornier, beat eight rivals at six furlongs, including the favored runner-up despite spotting that rival four pounds. C U in the Circle, a 3-year-old son of Freud racing for Rock Bottom Ranch, was odds-on among six in his six-furlong victorious outing.

In South America, Freud’s veteran sons MY LITTLE FREUD, FIORAVANTTI, MR. CONNERY, and PARSIFAL won on dirt on May 22, 25, and 31 respectively. My Little Freud, racing for Juan Martin Stable, scored at La Plata near Buenos Aires, Argentina under 130 pounds (59 kilograms) in the featured 1,400-meter (about seven furlongs) Handicap Jockey Club de Corrientes for his fourth 2018 victory and seventh career tally while conceding seven pounds to a listed winner. Fioravantti, racing for Dona Licha Stable and twice listed stakes-placed at 1,600 meters (about a mile), won by 4½ lengths under equal top weight against eight rivals going 1,600 meters at Monterrico in Peru for his third 2018 victory and fifth career tally. Mr. Connery, racing for Agustin Gabriel Stable, also won at Monterrico (near Lima), scoring by two lengths against seven rivals in a 1,400-meter (about seven furlongs) handicap under co-top weight for his fifth career tally. Parsifal, owned by Marcial Stable, won on the Monterrico card with Mr. Connery (their races were back-to-back), rallying by 2½ lengths against eight rivals under equal top weight in a 1,000-meter (about five furlongs) handicap. My Little Freud, Fioravantti, and Mr. Connery are Argentine-breds. New York-bred Parsifal (18 wins) has equaled LUBASH ($1,515,139) as Freud’s leading winner.

Freud’s Argentine-bred 3-year-old maiden-breakers on dirt during May were his sons FONSO FREUD and EL LOQUITO on May 5 and 12 respectively and daughter CAPELINA on May 14. Fonso Freud, a homebred racing for Identic Stable, beat 12 rivals going a one-turn 1,000 meters at Hipodromo Chile near Santiago, easing up in his final strides. El Loquito, owned by Villamarin Stable, romped by eight lengths against nine rivals going 1,400 meters on wet dirt at San Isidro near Buenos Aires, clocking 1:22.73 in his second start (he had finished fourth among nine on turf in his debut, running greenly). Capelina, a late-foaled (November) 3-year-old Freud filly racing for LM 1930 Stable, won her second start eased up by 2½ lengths, blazing 1,000 meters in an impressive 55.52 at Palermo in Buenos Aires even though she appears to descend from a routing family on her dam’s side.

Emerging from a year’s layoff to place third among 13 in San Isidro’s Group 1 Gran Premio 25 de Mayo-Copa Dr. Enrique Olivera at 2,400 meters (about a mile and a half) on turf on May 25 was Freud’s Argentine-bred Group 1-winning son, MUST GO ON ($323,485 U.S. equivalent earnings). Owned by Tata Y Tigre Stable, Must Go On has won or placed in 17 of 29 starts, including 13 group stakes events, and he carried equal top weight of 134½ pounds (61 kilograms) in his latest Group 1 outing.

Versatility of Runners by Leading NY Sire Freud on Display in 20-Win Spring Explosion on 2 Continents

In a 27-day span (April 5 - May 1), 19 runners by 2018 leading New York sire FREUD won 20 races – 13 on dirt, seven on turf – at nine different distances from 4½ furlongs to about a mile and a quarter, at 12 tracks in five countries on two continents. One of those 19 Freuds also placed in a listed stakes in April, and an earlier (March 10) Grade 2 winner placed second among 11 in a Grade 1 event on April 14. The Freuds won in New York, California, Kentucky and Florida and on both South American coasts.

In Keeneland’s April 25 feature allowance, Freud’s son DOT MATRIX ($247,001) turned in a stakes-caliber performance as the topweight against seven rivals, including a Keeneland turf stakes winner plus three Grade 2-or-3-placed turf winners, prevailing despite surviving the worst trip of all the starters. Racing for Ten Strike Racing in the $69,560 one-mile contest over still-wet “good” turf, Dot Matrix stumbled badly out of the gate and almost lost his rider, after which he trailed the field until a quarter-mile from the finish. He had to shift paths on the second turn and again in the stretch, but somehow managed to overtake the favored leader and eventual runner-up despite conceding weight to that rival.

Winning Golden Gate Fields’ April 13 feature allowance was PYSCHO SISTER, Freud’s latest six-figure-earner and the only starter among six in that mile contest on yielding turf who has not (yet) earned black type credentials. Owned by Scott Herbertson, the Washington-bred mare has won open allowances on turf and on all-weather surfaces since late February.

Freuds ran one-two in a $70,630 Aqueduct allowance optional at six furlongs on “good” turf on April 19, as favored and co-topweight PSYCHIC ENERGY ($161,618) edged stakes winner DR. SHANE ($356,271). Owned by Vina Del Mar Thoroughbreds LLC and Black Swan Stable, Psychic Energy was the youngest among ten six-figure-earning starters. The one-two sons of Freud were both making their 2018 debuts.

Winning Finger Lakes’ five-furlong Miss Patriot Handicap by almost two lengths at odds-on among nine fillies and mares on May 1 was Patricia L. Moseley’s homebred daughter of Freud, PRINCESS DREAM. In July of 2017, Princess Dream had captured Suffolk Downs’ six-furlong Isadorable Stakes by 11½ lengths. Ten days earlier at Finger Lakes, another favored daughter of Freud, LOVE YOU DEARLY, had won a 4½-furlong contest against seven rivals while racing for Kathryn Wright.

Freud’s 3-year-olds breaking their maidens on Florida turf in April were daughter PSYCHO GIRL at about 7½ furlongs at Gulfstream Park on April 14 for Ruben Valdes and Bluegrass Legacy Stable and son SIGGIE in a Tampa Bay Downs maiden special mile on April 21 as a Lambholm Stable homebred. Psycho Girl won by two lengths against 11 rivals in her two-turn outing. Siggie, a big, rangy chestnut with a ground-devouring stride, led at all calls in his debut while clocking accelerating splits and won by daylight.

Placing second in Keeneland’s Grade 1 Coolmore Jenny Wiley Stakes at 1 1/16 miles on turf on April 14 – and earning $70,000 – was Freud’s 2018 Grade 2-winning daughter, FOURSTAR CROOK ($883,166), who advanced from last among 11 while spotting two pounds to the winner. Owned by Michael Dubb, Bethlehem Stables LLC and Gary Aisquith, Fourstar Crook had a few factors hindering her in the Jenny Wiley, according to her jockey, Javier Castellano: “She had some things (working) against her because she was in the way outside post position,” explained Castellano. “I think maybe a mile and an eighth is better for her. I liked everything she did today. I liked the way she finished. I know the winner is one of the best fillies in the country and…had a very good trip.”

In South America, Freud’s Argentine-conceived winners in April were even more ubiquitous than in North America. On April 5, El Bochinche Stable’s unbeaten and unchallenged son of Freud, LOCO ROMA, romped by five lengths against ten rivals going 1,300 meters (about 6½ furlongs) on dirt at the Buenos Aires-area track of La Plata. Now three-for-three by margins totaling 11 lengths since mid-February, Argentine-bred Loco Roma had the biggest winning margin on La Plata’s April 5 card.

Two days later (April 7) at Monterrico in Lima, Peru, Freud’s listed stakes-winning son, CHARPENTIER, edged another son of Freud, four-time winner MR. CONNERY, in the featured Clasico Antenor Rizo Patron Araoz while carrying top weight of 132 pounds (60 kilograms) at 1,700 meters (about 1 1/16 miles) on dirt. Charpentier races for Dona Licha Stable, which has campaigned some of Freud’s top Argentine-bred runners in Peru, Argentina, and the U.S. In 14 starts, Charpentier has six wins at five different distances and has placed second twice, and his 1,700-meter tally was his first at that distance.

Juan Martin Stable’s Argentine-bred son of Freud, MY LITTLE FREUD, missed the dirt track record for 1,200 meters (about six furlongs) at the Buenos Aires-area facility of Palermo by about a fifth of a second despite running on a wet track on April 12, winning in 1:07.61. THREE DAYS LATER (seriously) on April 15 across town at La Plata, My Little Freud won by a length and a half as the favored co-topweight going 1,400 meters (about seven furlongs) on dirt. My Little Freud, who has won six races in just over a year, had scored his earliest victories going 1,000 meters (about five furlongs) on La Plata dirt. 

La Manana Stable’s Argentine-bred Freud filly, METRONIA, stretched out to 1,800 meters (about 1 1/8 miles) on dirt for the first time at Palermo on April 13 and led throughout to win by two lengths in 1:47.65 against six rivals that included a Group 2 winner. Three days later (April 16) on Palermo dirt, another Argentine-bred Freud filly, El Quinton Lobos Stable’s LA GRAN SOLE, scored at 1,400 meters under co-topweight of 125½ pounds (57 kilograms).

Winning on April 22 at Maronas in Uruguay was Freud’s Uruguayan-bred 3-year-old son, CHUPETINERO, who tallied by three lengths against nine rivals going 1,200 meters on wet dirt while racing for Lucia and Matias Stable. Five days later (April 27) at Club Hipico de Santiago on the southern Pacific coast of Chile, Freud’s indestructible Argentine-bred son, DORYO, romped by 6½ lengths against 12 rivals, including the runner-up favorite, at 1,200 meters on dirt, scoring “very easily” while racing for Don Simon Stable. Doryo has won four times on dirt and three times on turf. Two days later (April 29) and about 2,800 miles northward on the western South American coast at Monterrico, Freud 3-year-old filly LA BOMBON tried turf and 2,000 meters (about a mile and a quarter) – both for the first time – and won against six rivals. Owned by Agustin Gabriel Stable, Argentine-bred La Bombon had won her debut earlier in 2018 going 1,000 meters on Monterrico’s dirt straightaway under lights. Her dam has distance breeding.

Freud’s Argentine-breds breaking their maidens in April were 2-year-old sons CRISTOFORO COLOMBO at Buenos Aires-area San Isidro on April 4 and CRAZY FREUD at Monterrico on April 8 and 3-year-old daughters WOW DIE BALLADE at Palermo on April 9 and UMBERTA at San Isidro on April 30. Cristoforo Colombo, racing for San Jose de Ecuador Stable, won by a length and a half against eight rivals going 1,200 meters in his first start on turf or around a turn (he had debuted at 1,000 meters on straight dirt at Palermo). In his next start on April 27, Cristoforo Colombo placed third in San Isidro’s listed Clasico Antartida Argentina at 1,200 meters on turf, leading until the final strides. Crazy Freud, a Dona Licha Stable homebred, won his debut by two lengths against six rivals going 1,200 meters on dirt. Wow Die Ballade, racing for La Generacion Stable, won at 1,400 meters on wet dirt. Umberta, a Santa Ines Stable homebred, won by six lengths at 1,400 meters on wet dirt, beating seven rivals in her third career start.